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Our v.5Equine system is the only sports performance enhancement and longevity system on Earth for horses and camels; at less than 1/3 the price of other equine systems that are strictly designed for short symptomatic application. No other system but EarthPulse™ has been designed w/ the proper frequencies and for long enough exposure time to tune the mitochondria for maximum metabolic efficiency. Comes with 12 volts power supply for powering from 110-220 volts mains; but will require external battery power for barn use. Our system was built to be compatible with this 12 volt external battery from Voltaic (SOLD SEPARATELY) that will run 4 magnets - unsupervised - nearly dusk till dawn while horse or camel is in its stall during the night. Very well tolerated by animals of all types. We guarantee 1 second per mile improvement on sprints; an hour or two (or more) for long haul endurance races depending on length of race, or your money back. More stamina and jump height for steeplechase and jumping athletes too. See v.5Pro if you're a Jockey or owner seeking better sleep, better performance and recovery.

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