Breed Standard

Height – Not Exceeding 127 cm (12.2hh)

Colour – Bay, brown, black, grey, chestnut, roan. Piebalds and Skewbald are not allowed. Excessive white markings are disliked & should be discouraged

Head – Should be small, well set on and bloodlike, with the nostrils large and expanding and the eyes bright, mild, intelligent and prominent. The ears should be small, well formed, alert and neatly set. The throat and jaws should be fine and showing no signs of coarseness or throatiness

Neck – Strong but not too heavy and of medium length. Stallions have a moderate crest

Shoulders – Good shoulders are most important. They should be well laid back and sloping, but not too fine at the withers

Body – Of medium length and strong, well ribbed up and with a good depth of girth giving plenty of heart room

Loins & Hindquarters – Strong and well covered with muscle. The hind quarters should be of medium length and neither level nor steeply sloping. The tail is well set up

Hind Legs – The hocks should be well let down with plenty of length from hip to hock, clean cup and with plenty of bone below the joint. The should not be “sickle” or “cow-hocked”

Fore Legs – Should not be tied in, in any way, at the elbows. The fore-arm should be muscular and the knee fairly large and flat to the front. The cannon should be short from knee to fetlock with ample good, flat, flinty bone. The pasterns should be sloping but not too long. The feet should be sound, tough and well shaped

Movement – Low straight and free-flowing, yet without exaggeration

General – The mane and tail should be full and flowing. The Dartmoor is a very good looking riding pony, sturdily built yet with quality