Breed Standard

The preferred Height Range is: Stallions & geldings 11.3hh (119.4 cm) to 12.3hh (129.5 cm) at maturity – Mares 11.2hh (116.8 cm) to 12.2hh (127 cm) at maturity

General Appearance & Type – Definite `pony’ character, hard & strong; vigorous & alert & symmetrical in appearance; mealy muzzle; prominent, hooded “toad eyes”
“Definite pony character”

Head and Ears – Short, thick & pointed; clean cut face; wide Neck: forehead, eyes large, wide apart & prominent with well-defined, fleshy hood and pale colouration outlining the eyes (Toad Eyes); wide nostrils; mealy muzzle; clean throat; good length of rein

Shoulders – Clean, fine at top, well laid back

Chest – Deep & wide between & behind forelegs; ribs long, deep, well sprung and wide apart

Back – Level; broad & level across loins; tail neatly set in

Legs – Clean & short, with neat, hard feet; forelegs straight, well apart & squarely set; hind legs well apart, nearly perpendicular from hock to fetlock with point of hock in line with pelvis bone; wide curve from flank to hock joint; legs free in motion with no tendency to sweep or turn

Action – Straight & smooth, without exaggerated action

Coat – Summer – close, hard & bright / Winter – a double-layered dense coat with an under insulating layer of fine, springy hair and an outer water-proofing layer of hard, greasy hair

Colour – Bay, brown or dun, with black points; mealy colour on muzzle, round eyes & inside flanks; no white markings anywhere

Quality – Alert expression and general poise indicating balance and symmetry of movement; fine, clean bone